Not an entirely random name for a blog, but close. I am not a goat herder - in the usual meaning of that word; nor does the Urban Dictionary definition apply to me either (for a decade at least): an extremely drunk male who having lost all self-respect and standards, loses his powers of discrimination when pulling females. It is said that Gateshead derives its name from a settlement near an early Tyne crossing where goats once roamed. The goats are long gone, but me - I like to roam these parts - or rather run - exploring new places, rediscovering old ones in and around Gateshead and Newcastle when I'm out jogging. This blog is a collection of my photos, thoughts, observations, rants, loves and hates about Newcastle and Gateshead.

Chandless Estate Demolition

As I mentioned in my post of 11 October (, I'm becoming a bit obsessed with these flats and their demolition, so much so, I think they deserve a page of their own.  Most of the photos are my own, but some are from elsewhere on the web.  The night time shots from the roof of the flats are taken by some intrepid urban explorers who have posted their magnificent shots on

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