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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Tube - at the Discovery Museum

I've ran along City Road many times over recent years and have seen the gradual demolition of the Tyne Tees TV studios and Egypt Cottage pub next door, but I have never stopped to take a photo.  So it was with a little regret that I ran passed last week to see most of it gone and a shiny new apartment block has been built on part of the site.  It did get me thinking about the Channel 4 music show Tube TV show from the 1980s as I was trying to work out where the covered entrance would have been (the tube-shaped perspex awning which gave the TV show its name.

Coincidentally, a new exhibition about show The Tube has opened at the Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle and runs until 31 March 2016. The Tube was produced by Tyne Tees Television for Channel 4 and ran for five series, from 5 November 1982 to 26 April 1987.

On display at the Discovery museum is a small cabinet containing memorabilia from the show, a 8-minute video presentation, and the famous neon light Tube logo.  It is a small exhibition, but I found it interesting and it is free to get in the Discovery Museum.

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